Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Apple Picking

Not sure what kind of apples these are but the purple colour is nice!
Today I went apple picking at Cricklewood Farm in Brighton with my mum, boyfriend and nephew.  We had such a great time, I had never been apple picking before and was excited to go.  There are about 30 varieties of apples, you can find apples for just about any use.  We picked the Jonagold apple.  It is a similar taste to the Red Delicious, I'm going to make a pie out of a few of them.   
 The weather was fantastic for apple picking, the sun was shining and there was a slight cool breeze.  It felt more like a spring day instead of a fall day.  

I was surprised to learn that different types of apples can grow at all times of the year.  Some apples are ready in January!  I had no idea, I thought apples were a late summer and fall fruit.  But I was wrong.  I will be going back in the winter for some fresh apples.

Thomas, my nephew was helping us pick the lower apples (he was even checking for worm holes!) and throwing them in the basket.  After awhile he understood that apples are not thrown they are placed gently in the basket.

Action shot of Thomas throwing an apple in the basket.

All in all today was a great outing, and I would recommend apple picking to everyone, it was great exercise and a good way to promote local farmers and eating healthy in general.  My family leans on the environmentally friendly side, so we love fresh produce.  My boyfriend and I would like to build a greenhouse at some point so we can grow fresh fruit and veggies all year long, but that will be when we have money to spend and our own house to build it at!

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