Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tennis Racket Cover

My boyfriend and I started playing tennis this past summer, the first rackets we bought were very cheep since we did not know if we would like tennis.  As we are both enjoying the sport we splurged and purchased mid-raged tennis rackets.  Nothing too fancy, I'm not going to Wimbledon any time soon, it's a racket that I don't mind using but at the same time I don't want it ruined.  My racket did not come with a protective cover for when I'm not using it, so I made one!

I had looked online for any free patterns, but I could not find any so I just made my own, since the racket is not a hard shape.
 I started by outlining the shape of the racket on the wrong side of the fabric I wanted to use and some fleece for a little cushioning around the racket. I then cut a strip of fabric about 1.5 inches for the sides.  I also added some piping and a zipper around the top and I was ready to go play tennis in style!  

The next time I make a tennis racket cover I am going to put a shoulder strap on it for easy carrying. 

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