Monday, October 4, 2010

My new Purse

 I finally had the time finish cutting out the fabric 

for my purse without anymore hassle from the cats,  and sewed it together.  I customized the inside pockets for my needs, and added velcro dots to the larger pocket so everything says inside.  Once I had sewn the purse together I decided it looked a little plain so I glued a few buttons on in a flower design.  Next time I will sew on any embellishments before I put the bag together.     

I made a flower broach that can be pinned to the purse if I want a different look.

I have been using the purse for about a week now and It works great for me.  I always carry my life in my purse so the size of the purse is perfect.  I also scotch guarded the purse so it is stain resistant and I can also put it in the wash to keep it clean. 


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