Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apple Pumpkin Pie and Relocation

You might have noticed that I have not made a post in a few weeks.  About two weeks ago my boyfriend and I made a huge change and moved 220 Km away from our families to find employment.  I grew up in a city that runs on General Motors, and due to the shutdown of the truck plant last year the unemployment rate has skyrocketed and jobs are not being created.  

My best friend, Kathy, lives in London and has been wanting us to move out here for years, so we took her up on her offer!  I have had one interview so far, meaning things are already going better then back home.  I hope we both are able to obtain employment soon as we both do not want to outstay the welcome at my best friend's house, and it would be great to have money for our own place.

Colin (my boyfriend) and I have been making dinner almost every night so that Kathy and her fiance, Adam, can come home to a hot dinner instead of having to cook when they get home.  In doing so I have become less afraid to try new ideas.  The first one was, Pumpkin Apple Pie.  
You may think it is strange to mix apples and pumpkin together but it is so tasty!  For years my brother would say that someone should make a pumpkin apple pie, so a few years ago my aunt told him to do it.  He made his with canned pumpkin filling but it was still great.  For this pie everything was made from scratch, even the pie crust! But I can't take credit for the crust, Kathy made it.  I found the recipe at Whole Foods Pumpkin Apple Pie Recipe Link
I highly recommend this recipe. Everyone will love it even if they do not like regular pumpkin pie. 

To finish off the pie, Kathy and I free handed some leaves, pumpkins and apples out of the remaining crust for decoration.  I think I want some fall themed cookie cutters! Here is what the result looked like.

Try it out!

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