Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mothers Always Know

Colin and I went back home last weekend to pick up some winter items and visit with family and friends.  The night we got to my parents house, I began to tell my mum that I thought I would like to spin my own wool and that I had done some research on spinning wheels.  Right in the middle of my story my mum pulls out a hand spinner and some cotton and wool!

 She said the week before she had gone to a spinning shop in Colborne called Spinning Wheel Repairs, Restoration and Sales with her Retired Teachers group.  While she was there she "had a feeling"  I would like to learn how to spin so she started asking questions about the different kinds of wheels, and pricing.  She even went as far a locating a wheel for me!  But she did not buy it since it had been damaged, and she also didn't know if I would want it.  How funny is that? 

After she gave me the hand spinner, my dad started to look on ebay for wheels! A wheel would be fantastic, but I don't have any money to buy one nor do I have a place to put one, so the hand spinner will be perfect.  Until I figure out how to use it that is.  I have read the instructions I'm just too scared to start! I looked on line for a video but I have not been able to find one so I think tomorrow I will spin some wool and cotton.

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